Dist Events

Lion G P Divakar, pmjf
District Governor

Financial Obligations of Members


Annual Subscription US $ 43 Annual per Member (Payabe in two semi Annual)Instalments by 15 Sep.& 15 Feb
Spouse Member US$ 21.5 Annual per Family Member (Payabe in two semi Annual)Instalments by 15 Sep.& 15 Feb.
Entrance Fee Spouse Member US$ 35 Per new member/ Spouse Members
US$ 30 Per charter member
Transfer / Reinstate fees US$ 20 Per member
Life Membership US$ 650 After completion of 20 years as a member in good standing in a lions club
Transfer fees for life member to new club US$ 20
Leo Club Sponsorship US$ 100 Per Leo Club (Upto 20 Member)
Fees US$ 5 Per additional Member
Leo Club Annual Subscription US$ 90 each Club

District 317A

Annual Subscription each Club
Annual Subscription 500Per Member
Entrance fees for new member 200Per Member
PST Schooling Levy per club 500Per club
PST Photo Printing in the Directory per club 500Per Club
Annual Multiple District Levy per member 240Per Member
Lions Centenary Celebration 0Per Member